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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register as a retailer to be granted access to the B2B Wholesale portal?

 Please navigate to the following website:

You will be prompted to login - if you not already registered then please click Create Account. Fill all fields (Name, Email and Password). We recommend having one account per retailer. Once registered, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address.

Note that Papillon International Inc. will need to approve your account before you can gain access to the webshop. If you have not been granted approval, please contact our support team:


I am having trouble navigating the B2B website – how can I the contact support team?

Before reaching out to the support team, ensure you have reviewed all instructional B2B documents which detail the steps to navigate and purchase through the portal.

If the instructional documents do not help in resolving the matter then please reach out to our sales administration team with all specifics – please be sure to provide as much detail possible in order to best help serve you:


I have forgotten my password to log into the webshop. 


Please navigate to: and click the "Forgot Your Password" link below the login fields to reset your password.


How can I contact your sales team to further inquire about a brand or product?

Our team of sales representatives are always happy to help answer any questions you may have about styling, sizing and fit. If you do not have the contact information for the sales representative which represents your territory, then please connect with our support team:


Why haven't I received a confirmation for the order placed in the B2B Wholesale portal?

If you have not received an order confirmation then please contact our support team with your store name and details of the brand & product you had placed an order for:


Can I be sent the latest catalog for your brands?

We would be more than happy to send by email the newest catalogs from our range of brands. We ask that you contact our support team by email and provide details of the brand and season of the catalog which you would like to receive:


Can I pick up my order instead of having it shipped?

Yes, we do offer a pick up for customers. Please select "Pick Up" on the Shipping page at checkout. Pick up orders are available 24 hours after placing an order - if you need your order sooner please contact our team by phone.


Size Conversion Chart

Ladies : UK - US Chart:

 UK 3.5 = US 6.0

UK 4.0 = US 6.5

UK 4.5 =  US 7.0

UK 5.0 = US 7.5

UK 5.5 = US 8.0

UK 6.0 = US 8.5

UK 6.5 = US 9.0

UK 7.0 = US 9.5

UK 7.5 = US 10.0

UK 8.0 = US 10.5

UK 8.5 = US 11.0


Ladies : EU - US Chart:

 EU 36 = US 5.5

EU 37 = US 6.0

EU 38 = US 7.0

EU 39 = US 8.0

EU 40 = US 9.0

EU 41 = US 9.5

EU 42 = US 11.0 


Men : UK - US Chart:

UK 6.5 = US 7.5

UK 7.0 = US 8

UK 7.5 = US 8.5

UK 8.0 = US 9

UK 8.5 = US 9.5

UK 9.0 = US 10

UK 9.5 = US 10.5

UK 10 = US 11

UK 10.5 = US 11.5

UK 11.0 = US 12

UK 11.5 = US 12.5

UK 12.0 = US  13


Ladies Width Conversion Chart

Europe Width

US Width